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Ring sizes are measured in different ways in different countries, and sometimes even in different ways by different jewelers in the same countries.

We at PKF Design always measure either by diameter in mm, or by circumference in mm.

The best way to measure your ring size is always to go to a jeweler and have them help you, but if you want to buy a ring online and don't have the opportunity to get help by a jeweler there are ways you can measure your ring size by yourself at home.

In our webshop we sell a ring size measuring tool (100SEK and free shipping) that is very easy to use, gives an accurate measure, and can be used over and over again.

If you do not wish to buy a ring size measuring tool, see below on how to measure you ring size by yourself at home.

Always keep in mind that these methods do not always give a completely accurate measure, and it is best to measure your finger when it is somewhere in between hot and cold.

When your fingers are hot they expand, and when they are cold they shrink, so it is best to buy a size that is in between your hot and cold sizes, so that the ring fits you at all times.

If you are buying a very wide ring it is best to measure over the soft, thicker part of your finger, since a wide ring will cover that space and therefore needs to be as large as the largest place on your finger that the ring will cover.


For this method you will need clippers that show millimeters

Place the pointy ends on the top of the clippers inside the middle of a ring you already know fits the finger on which you want to wear your new ring. Open up the ends until you are stopped by the ring.

You can now see the inner diameter size, which in the example to the left is 18,1mm, as the small 1 in the lower part of the clippers align with the line above.


For this method you will need a ruler that shows millimeters

Place a ring you already know fits the finger on which you want to wear your new ring on the ruler so that the ruler is aligned with the middle of the ring, as shown to the right.

You can now see that the ring has an inner diameter of 18mm. In this example we have used the same ring as in method 1, which tells us that using clippers shows a more accurate measure, showing us 18,1mm instead of 18mm.


For this method you will need a piece of non elastic string, preferably quite thick, and a ruler that shows millimeters

Take the string and wind it around your finger. Be careful not to tighten the string, but it should meet your skin all around your finger. Make a mark where the string meets the end and then measure the length between the end of the string and the mark using the ruler. This way you measure the circumference.

The best way to use this method is to have someone else help you as it is hard to make a correct measure doing it on yourself.

Please note that even though this way mostly shows an accurate size, it still is the least accurate of all ways to measure.


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